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Uploaded :: 31 Aug 2013
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Ouitline of the sad and beautiful love story:
The timid girl dressed in red was incarnation of the red lotus, while the incarnation was at the cost of her own life.Though the two fell in love with each other, they just could not stay together forever...
Encounter and seperation are the main theme of the song.I hope you could get a feeling of this oriental romance.

ps: there is a frequently switching of perspectives between Ling and Tianyi (Just make sure you have a better understanding of the song)

Music composition&Tuning: 水琴
Music arrangement: TOZZ
Vocal:洛天依 Luo Tianyi
Original upload: http://www.bilibili.tv/video/av737481/

MP3(Original + Instrumental) download:

回顧 皎月晦明燈花處
擡眉 初紅蓮風袖袅娜爲誰舞
回顧 蓦然步轉青石路
還在水榭畔 畫樓處

回顧 筆染朱砂輕蓮步
經年 依稀壹曲然爲君舞
回顧 來年再恨相思誤
還在水榭畔 畫樓處

是妳衣白衫如初 我紅裳如故
是我嘗相思味苦 我爲妳起舞
是我貪戀卻踟蹰 妳原地癡伫
還在水榭畔 畫樓處

如初 倚君共憶當年舞
紅蓮 清淚兩行欲吐半點卻無
如初 是妳杳然若绯霧
還在水榭畔 畫樓處

是誰白衫如初 誰紅裳如故
誰人撫琴紅蓮賦 又見誰壹舞
誰人貪戀卻踟蹰 半池繁榮枯
還在水榭畔 畫樓處

依然水榭畔 畫樓處

hui gu jiao yue hui ming deng hua chu
tai mei chu hong lian feng xiu niao nuo wei shei wu
hui gu mo ran bu zhuan qing shi lu
hai zai shui xie pan hua lou chu

hui gu bi ran zhu sha qing lian bu
jing nian yi xi yi qu ran wei jun wu
hui gu lai nian zai hen xiang si wu
hai zai shui xie pan hua lou chu

shi ni yi bai shan ru chu wo hong chang ru gu
shi wo chang xiang si wei ku wo wei ni qi wu
shi wo tan lian que chi chu ni yuan di chi zhu
hai zai shui xie pan hua lou chu

ru chu yi jun gong yi dang nian wu
hong lian qing lei liang hang yu tu ban dian que wu
ru chu shi ni yao ran ruo fei wu
hai zai shui xie pan hua lou chu

shi shei bai shan ru chu shei hong chang ru gu
shei ren fu qin hong lian fu you jian shei yi wu
shei ren tan lian que chi chu ban chi you rong ku
hai zai shui xie pan hua lou chu

yi ran shui xie pan hua lou chu


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